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4 Ways To Get Better Mobile App Reviews


Respond to reviews properly 

What’s up, guys? It’s your favorite mobile app developer, back with another blog post! You will know 4 ways to get better mobile app reviews. This time I want to talk about responding to reviews and questions. Now it might seem like a simple task but you’d be surprised at how many apps don’t do it right. Don’t worry though because we’re going to fix that today by talking about the most important things in this process: Improve your mobile app reviews and ratings.


1- How often should you respond?

It is not enough to just give a bit of response, but you need to give a proper satisfactory response. Users love it when they know they are being heard by their name. You can do it when you respond to them. It is not enough to simply receive feedback, you need to give a response regardless they left a positive or negative review accordingly.

A simple “thank you” and acknowledgment for positive reviews would go a far way. For negative reviews, you need to consider them and always assure your user that you are looking into their issue and constantly improving your app.

2- What should your tone be when replying?

Your tone would be respectful and professional in your responses. Avoid arguing, by choice, be courteous and patient as much as possible. Make effort to be courteous and patient as much as possible.

 3- What types of questions will people ask?

People will ask anything related to your app. Sometimes they are stuck in some kind of issue and they are abusive, you need to listen to their problem, here are some of the questions people faced and you will need to answer them properly:

comments & reviews

Close-ended questions, where the users select an answer from a limited list.

Open-ended questions, where the users respond with their own words.

early development technical questions

early development features scouting

product roadmap survey questions

general customer experience questions

Let’s go ahead and get started so you can start responding better than ever before!

4 ways to get better mobile app reviews

4. How to improve your App rating and reviews

Now that we know what ratings and reviews are and the importance of managing them, it is time to learn how to make them better. Here is the point to remember.

mobile app reviews

 Try Other Channels

In-app is, without a doubt, the most well-organized way to collect ratings and reviews, but that doesn’t negate other options. Try including requests through these channels:



While this requires that you oversee the entire process, competitions are a great way to encourage & motivate people to balance your app. Reviewers can leave their Apple ID or Google Play usernames as responses in the middle of your series where you can choose a winner anywhere.



Encourage people to download and rate your app on your website. This applies especially to new apps that require a little love.

Social media

You may want to consider using social media platforms to promote awareness of your app, especially during the initial launch. Likewise, promoters are a great way to help you run contests or use your social media platforms to encourage people to try and rate your to get good reviews

Display your supporting contact information

You must let your users know how to contact you. Not only that, but you should also encourage them to contact you if they experience any problems or difficulties in your application. This saves you a lot of bad reviews & ratings, too.

Instead of users expressing their disappointment in a review of your app, you give them a chance to contact you first.

Your contact details should be displayed on your App Store product page. It should be easily accessible and accessible.

Offer a refund for any app purchases within 24 hours of purchase


No one likes to be stuck with an app they don’t use. So, why not offer a refund for any app purchases within 24 hours of purchase? It’s easy and it could bring in more customers!

Send an email to reviewers after they’ve left feedback on the app store

 how to get good reviews how to get good reviews

“When you finally launch your app, it’s a great feeling. You’ve been working hard on this thing for months and now the world can see how awesome it is. But once that initial excitement dies down, you’ll probably start to wonder if people are downloading and using your app! Well, there’s no need to sit around waiting for feedback from users because we’re going to show you how to send an email directly from App Review HQ.”


Consider offering in-app rewards or discounts for leaving a review on the app store


The app store is an unforgiving place to be. Your mobile application could be the next big thing, but it can get buried under a pile of competition. How do you make your app stick out? Well, we don’t have all the answers, but we’re pretty sure that offering in-app rewards or discounts for leaving a review on the app would help! Improve your mobile app reviews and ratings. We’ll talk more about this later. For now, check out this blog post and learn 5 tips to make you a better developer


Make sure your product is what it seems – if there are bugs, fix them!

The other day, I was using this app that promised to help me find the perfect spot for lunch. It turned out it was really buggy and wasn’t even showing me all of the restaurants in my area. Since I only had a limited amount of time to eat (and get back to work), I ended up having to spend more time finding a place on Yelp or Google Maps than if I’d just gone ahead and used what they gave me. These are the 4 ways to get better mobile app reviews. If you have bugs, fix them! Your users will thank you, because nobody likes wasting their lunch break trying to figure out why your product doesn’t work properly when it’s suppose an easy solution!


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