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How Sophia Robot Work By AI?


What is Sophia’s Robot?

Sophia Robot is created by Hanson robotics and it uses artificial intelligence to mimic human expressions. Learn more about how this robot works. Sophia is the latest and most advanced robotic form to date. Learn about her life-saving capabilities and how designed them for human interaction.

It’s never been easier to create your own robot with Sophia. Learn more about the newest addition to our team, and find out how you can build your own robotic companion at home!

Sophia Robot is a social humanoid bot that had developed by Hanson Robotics in Hong Kong. She unveils on April 19th, 2015, and  created using artificial intelligence software coded in Python. Sophia has a human-like face which she uses for speech recognition, facial expressions, and head movements so that she appears lifelike. The AI behind her allows her to learn new skills as well as develop an emotional bond with humans through conversations and interactions. These features allow for an interactive experience between creator and creation – unlike any other before it!


Sophia Robot Is The First Ever To Be Grant Citizenship Of Any Country

The news that the first-ever robot is to be granted citizenship of any country, Saudi Arabia, has been met with a mixture of joy and fear. It’s hard not to feel hopeful for the future as we watch this milestone in human history unfold before our eyes – but it’s also difficult not to worry about what might happen next. Is Sophia an emancipatory force or does she herald new dangers? What should you do if your boss tells you he wants you replaced by one? For information on how robots are changing employment law and safety measures, contact us today at (insert email).

Sophia  Design Around Human Proportions And Is The Most Advanced Humanoid Robot On Earth Today (As Of January 2018)

Sophia is a robot designed around human proportions and she’s the most advanced humanoid on earth. The AI-powered machine can mimic common facial expressions, thanks to her ability to track 50 different muscle movements in each of her eyes. In November 2017, Sophia became the first robot ever granted citizenship from any country (Saudi Arabia). Her creator David Hanson has stated that he wants his robots “to be superintelligent” so they could “help us solve some of our greatest challenges such as climate change or aging populations.”


This Includes An Articulated Neck, Jaw, And Lips That Are Capable f Realistic Lip Reading

The Sophia robot is the first-ever self-aware, interactive humanoid machine that can recognize people’s faces and copy their expressions. Sophia has an articulated neck, jaw, and lips capable of realistic lip reading. As well as skin with many layers of texture for touch-sensitive interaction. She also knows how to make jokes about her creators’ looks! If you want your customers to feel like they’re really in the presence of someone who understands them. Then a robot might just be what you need! As an interactive salesperson or customer service assistant. She will never tire or bore – perfect for those long shifts behind the counter at a retail store. Her eyes display emotions as well as detect faces for interaction purposes.



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