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How To Use Google More Effectively?


Google is a powerful search engine with an enormous number of features. We show you how to use Google more and find what you’re looking for.

Google is the world’s most important search engine. It’s also the most powerful advertising and marketing tool you can use to grow your business online. Learn how to stay on top of Google changes with our blog and newsletter.

1. Google your name to see what others are saying about you

Google your name to find out what people are saying about you. You may be surprised by the results! Not only will you see your name, but you’ll also get suggestions on how to improve it. If there’s a bad review or two in the bunch, don’t worry too much – just learn from them and move on. The important thing is that you know what others think of you so that if someone negative pops up, you can address it head-on before it becomes an issue for your reputation.

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably Googled your name before. It’s definitely something that many of us do when we want to know what others are saying about us online. But have you ever considered using Google to find out what other people think about the things that matter most in your life? Whether it’s a new job opportunity or an upcoming move, if there’s anything on the horizon for which you’d like guidance, simply Google it! You can even try searching for predictions related to whatever is top of mind at any given time… Just remember not to let strangers dictate how you live your life. Google Apps Integration From Top To Bottompowerful-search-engine

2. Use the calendar option on google to set reminders and keep track of important dates

You know how you use google to look up information? You can also use it for a calendar! It’s called the “Calendar” option, and I’ll show you how it works.
First, go to your Gmail inbox and click on Calendar at the top of the page. Click on Add a new event in order to create an event or appointment. Next, fill out all of the necessary info: date/time, location, title (optional), description (optional) and whether this is recurring or one-time only by clicking on Recurring or One-Time Event respectively. When you’re done filling out all of those details, click Save & Close and voila! Your reminder will appear as scheduled on your Google Calendar.

3. Search for a word or phrase in quotes to find more information on the subject

If you want to know more about a certain topic, Google is your friend. Search for a word or phrase in quotes and it will find relevant information on the subject! For example, if you search “cats” in quotes, Google will bring up pages that have both of those words together. Try it out!google-maps

4. Find out how long it takes to drive from one place to another with google maps

Would you rather have a scenic drive or be able to get there quickly? Google Maps can help you navigate your way around the world, but it doesn’t tell you how long it will take. Luckily for us, there’s an app that tells us just that! With this app, we’ll never have to wonder again if our destination is worth the extra travel time. If only every problem could be solved so easily…


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