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Looking for apps in python ?2022

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Apps in python are widely used in high-level programming languages. There are many software applications that can be built using the Python programming language. Here is the list of apps in python you can build.

1) Web apps in python

Medium – A simple app to write and publish stories on the web. This app uses Flask framework, MongoDB as a database, and Redis as a cache engine to store stories data. It has an admin panel where administrators can manage users, posts, etc…

2) Chat App Trakxly –

A chat app like Slack, HipChat, Campfire, etc. It uses Django framework along with MongoDb as backend(database), RabbitMQ for messaging system, and ReactJs as front end framework. It also uses the Django app engine to serve chat apps statically from a simple web app. This app can be integrated with other Python apps as well.

3) Workout apps in python  PyBites –

A workout app that you can use to track your progress and share it with your friends. It uses flask as backend, Jinja for templates, and MongoDb as database along with Bootstrap front-end CSS for the user interface.

4) Web Crawler BoilerBot –

This web app crawls through websites and records all the links found in a file. The content of the website index so search engines will not index these pages.


5) Statistics Dashbouquet –

An app to monitor statistical data collected from various sources. It fetches data from various websites and appends it in a file written in JSON format. This app uses Scrapy framework, MongoDB as database, and Celery for app engine to run this app on a server with crontab running every minute polling different sources.

6) Game Server Manager GSM Arena –

A game management app that can use to control multiple game servers of any online game like COC, Clash Royale, etc…It helps you perform many tasks like start/stop/restart the server, send messages to all players, kick players,s, etc….This web app uses Flask framework, Redis for caching, and MongoDB as a database along with ReactJs front-end framework.

7) Tic Tac Toe Swell Path –

A simple app to play Tic Tac Toe with your friends. It uses Flask as backend and ReactJs as front-end framework along with MongoDB as database.

8) E-commerce app LekorCode –

An app to sell books online using Django as backend, HTML/CSS for user interface, and MongoDB as the database engine. This web app has an admin panel where you can manage contents, inventory, etc…

9) Twitter bot app ScriptSender –

Twitter app script sender is a program that can use to send direct messages (DM), tweets, retweets and follow other Twitter users without logging into your account. You will need Twitter API credentials (consumer key and consumer secret) before running this app.

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