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Why You Should Switch From Xcode To Android Studio?


Android Studio is the newest IDE for Android development. Here are some reasons why you should switch from Xcode to Android Studio. It comes with a full set of advanced tools and a modern editor.

1. Xcode Doesn’t Have The Same Features As Android Studio

I’m not sure if I should start this blog post with a rant on how xcode doesn’t have the same features as android studio, or just admit that it’s true and move on. The thing is, there are plenty of other frameworks out there that can do some of what you need. And then there are those times when you’re working hard to get something done in xcode, only to find out later that your app needs an update for iOS 9 compatibility. My advice? Learn about all the options available before making any hasty decisions!

2. IPhone Development Is Different Than Android Development And Requires A Different IDE

When I was in high school, I took a computer programming class. We learned to code using C++ and Java. During the first week of class, we were taught that there are differences between coding on Windows vs Macs and how this affects our development process. A year later when I began my career as a mobile app developer, these same concepts applied again: iPhone development is different than Android development and requires a different mindset!Android-Development
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3. Xcode Has Outdated Syntax Highlighting, Autocomplete, And Refactoring Tools That Don’t Work Well With New Languages Like Swift And Kotlin

The Xcode IDE has been around for a long time and is used by many developers to create iOS apps. Unfortunately, its outdated syntax highlighting, autocomplete, and refactoring tools leave much to desired.
Luckily though, there are some great open source alternatives that you can use in place of the default Xcode build system. These tools will improve your development workflow exponentially!

4. It’s Easier To Find Help For Android Studio Since There Are More People Using It

It’s hard to find help for android studio, and frustrating when you spend hours trying to figure it out and finally get an error message that says “you need a java class.” You might tempted to throw your phone across the room. But don’t give up! It turns out there are more people using Android Studio than ever before. That means there is actually hope for figuring this out (and maybe even with less frustration).Android-Studio
The problem with finding help in general is that forums make it difficult because of spam or outdated information. And if you search google, all the results are either too complicated or not enough detail. Hopefully this blog post will solve both problems by providing lots of tips on how to fix errors for beginners.

5. Google Provides Better Documentation For Its Own Toolset Than Apple Does For Xcode

Apple and Google are competing in more than just smartphones- they’re also competing to make the best developer documentation. But when it comes down to their own development tools, it’s pretty clear that Google is winning with its excellent Android Studio documentation. Apple needs to take a page from Google’s book or soon developers will start abandoning ship for other platforms.
“Apple Documentation vs. Android Studio: Who Wore It Better?” Mobile App Developer Blog Site


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